Warranty is offered with comprehensive and Platinum inspections Only, excludes all other inspection types including Roadworthy Inspections.  The following warranty conditions apply to private car sales only, and to a maximum distance travelled of 1,000 kms as recorded by the inspector at the time of inspection.    There is no warranty, express or implied, for Motor Car Traders, Motor Car Auctions, or Motor Car Wholesalers.


• 30 days from inspection date and a maximum of 1,000 km as recorded by the inspector at the time of inspection
• Your warranty must be activated within 3 days of the inspection date, you will be given an activation code please ensure to keep this code for reference.

To activate your warranty, please call:

Melbourne (03) 9850 8000
Sydney (02) 9655 1411
Brisbane (07) 3367 8000
Perth (08) 6323 2069


• This complimentary FREE cover is a minimal cover only, the contract covers failure of the internal lubricated parts of the engine, gearbox and the differential only and no other items are covered


Failure of the internal lubricated parts of the engine, gearbox and the differential only – no other items are included with this cover

• Engine (Claim Limit, up to $500.00)

• Gearbox (Claim Limit, up to $500.00)

• Differential (Claim Limit, up to $500.00)


• (i) This is a warranty service contract and subject to the terms and conditions State Roads will repair and / or replace any of the vehicle’s components and parts so specified in the contract that are damaged or broken.
This contract does not cover any damage arising from wear and tear, use of the vehicle in motor sports, theft, fire or accident, corrosion, misuse, neglect, abuse or due to lack of maintenance or any problem arising from the failure to maintain proper fluid levels or contamination of fluids.
• (ii) Any item not specified is not covered.

State Roads. will repair the vehicle to a condition commensurate to the vehicle’s age, condition and Klm’s. travelled.


This contract will be invalidated if the customer / Vehicle:

a) Continues to use the vehicle after a fault is detected and/or does not take precautionary measures to minimise further damage to the vehicle/mechanical components, as soon as a fault is detected.

• (i) Commences or carries out repairs and/or diagnosis or disassembly is commenced without the express authority of State Roads.
• (ii) This contract will be void if evidence exists of the vehicle’s odometer / Speedometer has been tampered with.
• (iii) Vehicle is under manufacturers or statutory and / or dealer offered warranty


This contract specifically excludes: Electrical components including batteries

• (i) Damage to / or repairs arising from the use of the vehicles in races or motor events, competition, stunts, the cartage of livestock or as a result of negligence.
• (ii) Oil or water leaks, overheating, corrosion, seals, boots or gas leaks, blown head gasket, burnt valves or oil burning.
• (iii) Vehicles modified from the manufacturer’s specifications.
• (iv) Hire vehicles, taxis and courier vehicles.
• (v) Vehicles powered by rotary or two-stroke engines.
• (vi) Turbo or supercharger.
• (vii) Manufacturing faults and recalled items.
• (x) Brake, Clutch and /or other linings or pads are specifically excluded from coverage

Any parts and components not specifically referred to in this contract are excluded.


• The contract holder must take all reasonable precautions to minimise damage of the vehicle and / or the vehicle’s parts when suspecting mechanical failure may have developed.


• (i) Take the motor vehicle to an authorised repair centre to suggest what the problem might be. If the fault comes within the scope of this warranty cover then
• (ii) The repairer or customer then needs to contact State Roads.                                                         • (iii) State Roads reserves the right to inspect the vehicle prior to authorising any repairs, and the vehicle will be required to display the fault at this time.
• (iv) Provided the damage suffered has not arisen in breach of the contract State Roads may authorise the repairer to conduct approved repairs, state roads reserves the right to conduct repairs by a repairer of its choice.
• (v) State Roads reserves the right to inspect the vehicle Displaying the fault(s) prior to authorising any repairs.
• (vi) Any repairs / adjustments / Diagnosis, components removed or commenced without authorisation from State Roads will render the claim null and void.
• (vii) State Roads may at its absolute discretion, in respect of the damage, agree to pay the reasonable cost up to the maximum monetary limits set out in this contract.
• (viii) Faults or potential faults not addressed, detected by a State Roads inspector at time of inspection are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty excludes all vehicles recorded as a Repairable Write Off’s

Manufactures warranty generally excludes vehicles that are recorded as repairable write off’s. Please contact the manufacturer before purchasing any used vehicle.

If you would like to purchase a more extensive cover please contact us

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