Roadworthy Safety Certificate Brisbane – Gold Coast, Townsville

Stateroads offers roadworthy safety certificates as part of our mobile service in Queensland – We Service the Greater Brisbane region and Gold Coast region plus surrounding areas from tweed to caboolture and ipswich, also in Townsville. Phone direct on 0401 813031 for roadworthy bookings.

We can Include a Roadworthy Inspection also known as a Safety Certificate in Qld along with our Pre Purchase Inspection report, we can also carry out just a Roadworthy Inspection on Its own.

Roadworthy Inspections or Safety Certificate inspection – fees


Motor vehicles up to 4.5t GVM        –  $115 Mobile Service*

Motorbikes                                      –  $98  Mobile Service*

Trailers over 0.75 up to 3.5t ATM    –  $88 Mobile Service*

Light Vehicles (CL) inspections       – $115 Mobile Service*

* There may be a small travel charge for vehicles that require re-inspection due to failing a RWC check.
* Prices may vary depending on your location.  Please check with us for a quote.

                                                                                                                                                                  Inspection of Personalised Transport Vehicles – CL Vehicle Inspections

This includes taxis, limousines, and vehicles being used to provide booked hire services, such as those provided by Uber and Sheba.
What vehicles can be inspected under the CL inspection type? An AIS that holds a CL inspection type can inspect light vehicles (4.5t GVM or less) that are used, or planning to be used for personalised transport services. To provide such services, these vehicles will need to be registered with a purposes of use (POU) of:
• booked hire (BKHR)
• booked hire/rental (BKRN)
• taxi (TAXI)
• limousine (LIMO) or
• special purpose limousine (LSPL).
Other registered light vehicles that require a COI, that will not be used to provide personalised transport services, are not eligible for an AIS COI. Examples of ineligible vehicles include registered school service vehicles, tourist and airport transfer vehicles, and commercial minibuses.

A Safety Certificate is issued after a vehicle passes a safety inspection If the vehicle fails the inspection, you have 14 days to rectify any issues and to call us back to schedule a re-inspection.

For any vehicle that is registered, the seller must provide a roadworthy certificate / safety certificate according to Queensland law and failure to do so can result in a fine. If a vehicle is not registered, there is no legal requirement for vendors to provide safety certificates.

Roadworthy’s for Private Vendors

Safety certificates / roadworthy certificate for private vendors remain valid for a period of two months or 2000km, whichever occurs first.

Roadworthy’s for Car Dealers

Motor dealers’ safety certificates / roadworthy certificate are valid for three months or 1000km, whichever occurs first.

Safety certificates for a range of vehicle types

Unregistered, second hand and registered interstate vehicles must have a Safety Certificate as part of the Queensland pre-registration process. This includes:

  • cars
  • motorbikes
  • trailers (including caravans) with an aggregate trailer mass (ATM) of 0.751–3.50 tonnes
  • any other vehicles up to 4.50t gross vehicle mass (GVM)

Displaying Safety Certificates:

Safety Certificates must be displayed in a very obvious place, for example:

  • Car- Windscreen or Window
  • Trailer- Draw Bar
  • Motorcycle- Front Forks or Guard

You may get a fine if you do not display a safety certificate on the vehicle from the moment you offer it for sale.

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