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Buying a new car? Turn to the experts at State Roads for complete confidence in the condition of your new or used car with our comprehensive pre-vehicle inspections.

Servicing all makes and car models, our dedicated team consists of highly trained and experienced motor mechanics to provide superior pre-purchase vehicle inspections and REVS checks across Melbourne.  For car inspections in Sydney please click here.

An absolute must for astute car buyers, our independent vehicle inspections include a detailed 6 page report that summarises the condition, history, body work, and integrity of the car for your added peace of mind.

State Roads’ mobile vehicle inspectors can be onsite anywhere across Victoria to provide comprehensive pre-purchase checks that take the guesswork out of buying a new car.


Don’t buy a lemon.  Avoid the Traps.

stop-signBuying a used car can be an exciting and yet difficult task with so many options and considerations.   Why type of car to buy?  Where to buy?  How to purchase?  What are the hidden costs?  How do I know the car I’m buying isn’t fraught with hidden mechanical or electrical problems?  Is the seller hiding something or maybe not aware of existing problems?

Buying a used car is a large financial investment – you don’t want to get it wrong!

Did you know, for example – the type and configuration of the tyres on the car can often tell you a great deal about the owner – and their care (or lack of care) in servicing and maintaining a vehicle.  There are dozens of checks you can do personally that can save you a great deal of time and money.  Read on …

Shopping for a car can be daunting, but there is a lot you can do to quickly weed out those motor vehicles that may not be right for you , show big red flags – or simply aren’t the right choice for you or your budget.   There some initial checks you can do before getting the professionals involved ..  our article on avoiding the traps in buying a used car could save you thousands.

If you’re located in Melbourne – why not expand your vehicle search to the Sydney NSW region.  We’ll go onsite and inspect the vehicle for you and give you a full report.

Contact the vehicle inspection specialists before buying your new car and hit the streets of Melbourne with confidence – get a FREE quote today!

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